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What do I offer

Overview of My Services

No doubt if you’ve already viewed my work and looked through the galleries you’ve seen the diversity of the types of work I do and the people I work with across many cultures, and genres of photography. I’m bit of a chameleon, wearing many hats and love that about my job.

The costs of my services will pleasantly surprise you. First and foremost, I aim to please and am extremely flexible, as I know I have to be, but I expect at the same time to be paid for what I do.

I have no one price that fits all. Every job is different. Price is generally guided by time and level of my creative energy, that is required. Whether post production is required and to what extent my Photoshop skills will be called upon. Also which type of file you require. Hard copy (prints/enlargements) or digital format.

Talk to me about your requirements. What you are visualising and what is your budget? Make your brief as detailed and specific as possible and I’m happy to tailor a quote for you.

I’m actually really pleased you are looking at using the services of a professional eye with expertise, experience and qualifications, over trying to do the job yourself, as many do these days in this wonderful digital age where everyone thinks they’re a photographer.


Firstly, congratulations on your plans to marry.

It is important to choose your photographer well. They, as a person and an artist, play an important role in the smooth running and the capture of your big day. Experience and knowledge is extremely important. There are no second chances! So don’t be sold on clever packaging and do your homework on who best suits your needs. Hopefully that’s me and thank you for looking at my site and showing interest in my services.

My job is this. To shoot the perfect mix of relaxed, candid, contemporary and creative imagery of your wedding day. The most special and memorable day of your lives. I take pride in that challenge.

I record your day in a fun and personable way. I specialise in people/event photography and have a range of styles and creative skills, but also a genuine enthusiasm for photographing weddings and hope that shows in my work.

I shoot your day and give you digital files. I do not handle any hard copy or do any albums I’m sorry. Clean and simple and giving you the freedom to do with them what you wish.

Prices vary depending on the month of the year, the day of the week and number of hours required. Most packages will sit between $1000-$3000.

Please contact me by phone or email if you prefer. I can tailor a package to suit your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Studio Photography

Studio and/or location. One person photo shoots. Personal profile portraiture, passport, corporate, actors, entertainers, musicians, model portfolios, straight headshots or a beautiful portrait for yourself or a loved one. There’s a package for you depending on how specific your requirements or your budget. Set packages include:



/per session
A reasonably quick shoot.
  • Approximately 30 minutes.
  • A head and shoulders and/or full length profile portrait.
  • Suits business cards, job application or website usage.
  • Simple styling allowing for one look only.
  • No changes of outfit with this package, except jacket/tie on jacket/tie off scenario.
  • Limited post production.
  • You receive approx 10 shots

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/per session
Our most popular package, this is similar to the starter package, but more elaborate.
  • Allow approx 1-1.5 hours.
  • Several changes of looks and styling.
  • Changes of backdrop.
  • More lighting options.
  • I dig into my creative skill set a lot more with this shoot.
  • More editing and post production than the starter package.
  • You receive approx 25 shots.

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Full on!


/per session
This shoot is a great mix of styling and creative input.
  • Allow up to 3 hours.
  • Includes on location and in the studio.
  •  Includes a hair and makeup artist if required.
  • Allows up to 4 changes of outfits and styling. I get into my full artillery of creative tools and skills for this shoot.
  • With this package you can guarantee some exceptional post production as well.
  • This is the full package where your images will absolutely blow you away.
  • You receive approx 50 shots.

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